Try filling the bombs with different amounts of powder, i.e, fill one full, one 3/4 full, one half-full, and one 1/4 full. As they drop, their different densities will make them spread out and drop in a string (instead of all hitting at the same time).

Additionally, mix some powdered charcoal (barbeque leftovers :-)) with the talcum to get a grey ‘explosion’.

I did this with four of the old Vortac bombs, back in the 90’s and it worked great.

Bill Browne

“I’m very pleased with my Adam Bombs. The manufacturing on them is good and they’re the perfect size for my 1100mm warbird fleet. Their simple construction and design means they should hold up well from repeated drops. I’ve dropped mine on a grass and dirt field 12+ times now with zero damage. I found that if you want the bombs to drop straight and true, just add a little weight to the nose cone area and watch the bombs smack right into their targets! Save yourself the time and hassle of making your own DIY scale bombs and get these. They’re totally worth it.”


Received my “Adam bombs” last week . The owners of the Pinnacle Hobbies had a good chuckle over the excellent brand name.
OK, these bombs are a better version of the older Vortacs that I remember. Coming from the plastics molding industry I am pleased with the crisp molding of these parts. I know the boys up here are buying them up . I look forward to getting these on my ESM Skyraider but might need to buy an extra wing set to really do the plane justice.

Tero T in Toronto

“What a blast I haven’t had so much fun flying my RC aircraft with these
cool bombs!”