Bomb Bay of B-17 airplane

Target below “look out”

Cut out the center Bomb Bay of a Hobby King/Jianding 72″ B-17 to hold 5 Adam Bombs.  This is the most impressive model to watch unload its eggs. Check out the video section for it in action. Though it does take modification to the existing model, there are models that can be easily modified to accommodate bombs.  The B-17 just doesn’t seem like a B-17 without this mod.

Just after "Bombs Away"

2 thoughts on “Bomb Bay of B-17 airplane

    1. On the B-17 they were balsa. On the B-26 I made them out of fiberglass. I think 2 layers of .75 oz and one layer super light weight 1/4 oz cloth I had laying around.

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