Adam Bomb Servo Adapter Plug and Play version

Coming soon Adam Bomb servo Adapter.  For people who just want a plug n play version of the Adam Bomb, this 3D printed adapter will allow you to with just a screw driver to assemble it put an Adam Bomb on your plane with any extra channel on your receiver. No programming or special z-bends wires to fabricate. It will be available as a kit or an STL file for several different types of servos, but the current version is for an SG 90 or Dymond D-90.  It can be velcro-d, screwed on or glued to the plane as long as you have room for the small servo to stick into the wing or fuselage on the center of gravity.  An extra channel on the receiver is necessary and a momentary switch would be best. An Adam Bomb servo adapter instruction sheet and assembly video to follow.


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